Saffron, the new superfood - Zaran Saffron

What foods are considered a super food? Super foods are nutrient-rich foods that are considered to be beneficial for ones health and well-being. 

Saffron not only stands out due to its rich color and aroma, but due to its medicinal qualities that have been practiced for centuries. This expensive and comes from the flower of Crocus sativus, a lavender-colored flowers that bloom each season between October and November. Saffron is used all around the world not only for its unique taste when cooking, but as a medicine since it contains high vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, and manganese, copper and iron are all found in saffron and all aid in maintaining a strong immune system and cardiovascular system.

If you ever need a boost, there are plenty of ways to consume saffron to ensure you intake all of its medicinal properties. First, you should purchase the best quality saffron in threads instead of powder so that all of its medicinal properties are intact. You should also keep it in a cool and dry place to make sure that they remain intact. 

You can add a pinch of saffron threads to either warm or cold water and add to your tea or recipe. To get the best out of this super food, try out our Saffron Golden Milk recipe and our Vitamin C Tea Blend