Wholesale Saffron: Bulk Saffron - Zaran Saffron

Wholesale Saffron: Bulk Saffron - Zaran Saffron.

Saffron is a tasty spice that is traditionally used in Iran, Spain, Morocco, Italy and many other Mediterranean countries. Due to its distinguished taste, flavor, aroma and numerous health benefits, people from all over the world have started using saffron. Another thing that is interesting about Saffron is that this spice is one of the most expensive commodities in the world (per weight). This is the main reason why it is susceptible to adulteration. If you want to avoid any problems and ensure that you are using pure saffron, you should look for reputable and trustworthy brands when buying saffron online or when making wholesale saffron deals.

A few commonly used methods by fraudulent saffron sellers

Unfortunately, it seems that these fraudulent sellers have developed a few methods that can help them deceive saffron buyers. For instance, there are many of them who are simply adding moisture to the spice. They use water mist to make saffron look fresher and also to add water weight to the Saffron. When you’re buying Saffron in Wholesale, these subtle tricks can add an extra 10-15% of the total weight, which can be valued at hundreds of dollars.

The same goes for those who use chemical sprays to add color to the spice. As you are probably aware, this spice comes with a specific red color and its nuances can tell us a lot about its origin and quality. Scammers use chemical sprays to make saffron appear red. There are also people who use corn silk and other kinds of fillers to the spice. In this way, they can increase the weight of the product although the content is not pure saffron. It seems that the innovativeness and imagination of fraudulent sellers is increasing with the increased demand for this product. In addition, more and more fraudulent sellers are becoming common in different parts of the world.

How to Spot Fake Saffron

How to avoid these problems?

When searching for a Wholesale Saffron supplier you should always look for high grade, authentic, all-red saffron like “Sargol" or “Super Negin" threads. Buying saffron online from a reliable brand that has a strong reputation and positive reviews is the smartest thing to do no matter whether you are placing bulk saffron orders or you want to use a small amount in your home kitchen. With saffron like this, you can rest assured that you will reap all the health benefits and spice up your meals in the right way. You will also get the best value for your money when ordering Saffron in bulk.

Those interested in using a reliable source for high-quality Persian & Spanish Saffron can count on Zaran Saffron. The saffron we sell is tested in a certified laboratory for Safranal (aroma), Crocin (color), and Picrocrocin (flavor). In addition, we are one of the rare saffron suppliers who are in accordance with ISO 3632, fair trade and sustainable harvesting methods that don’t use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or any chemicals..

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