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Buy Afghan Saffron Online

The International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels certified the Afghan Saffron as the best in the whole world. Its quality is incomparable, the fragrance fascinating, it’s flavor pleasant and the coloring amazingly strong. The demand for Afghan Saffron is growing internationally and regions close to Afghanistan are thriving in the farming and importation of Afghan Saffron. Since the climate in Afghanistan is very similar to that in Iran, this precious spice thrives in the region.

Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries have for decades focused on poppy cultivations which has reigned havoc in the lives of many in the war-torn countries. Governments and non-governmental organizations are encouraging and supporting farmers to abandon the cultivation of poppy and focus on Saffron which is lucrative without producing negative impacts. By choosing to buy Afghan Saffron, this helps bring an end to the cultivation of poppy, which has affected many countries for decades.

Where To Buy Afghan Saffron Online

If you’re interested in buying Afghan Saffron online, choose a reputable source with experience and a reputation in the industry. High quality saffron is very distinguishable from low grade saffron. When searching for high quality Afghan saffron, be sure to understand what type of saffron thread you’re buying. The highest quality Afghan Saffron is Royal and Negin. The best Saffron in Afghanistan is grown in Herat, the third largest city in Afghanistan. This area of Afghanistan is located near the North-East border of Iran where majority of the worlds saffron is grown.

Buying your Saffron online means you will not have the benefit of touching, smelling or even tasting it to ascertain the quality. Therefore, when buying Afghan Saffron online, make sure your distributor is in a position to give you a copy of a Lab Analysis that is current. It is key to know that your Saffron is not only pure but also free of any toxic elements.

Afghan Saffron by Zaran Saffron is 100% pure and the highest quality Afghan saffron in the world. Zaran Saffron takes pride in partnering and sourcing only the highest quality saffron filaments directly from its Afghan famers. Each package of Zaran Saffron is rigorously tested in accordance with ISO 3632 for purity and quality.