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Zaran Saffron is committed to providing the highest quality Saffron available online and in stores around the world. We believe in putting our customers first by always providing the freshest crop and the highest grade saffron which is always Lab Tested. We test our Saffron rigorously in accordance with ISO 3632 and test for any impurities. Additionally, we have set a new standard for quality control. We have set high standards for Safranal, Crocin, and Picocrocin which is responsible for the Aroma, Flavor, and Color of the Saffron. 

When buying Saffron online, make sure you are purchasing from a reputable source. Saffron is worth its weight in Gold, no wonder there are so many dishonest sellers selling Saffron Online. When shopping around, make sure to ask your seller for a copy of the Lab Results, if they can't provide you with this data then we recommend shopping elsewhere. Many sellers take advantage of consumers who are misinformed or simply not educated enough of the true quality of Pure Saffron. 


To learn more about buying Saffron online or to see a copy of our lab results, please visit us at