Iranian Saffron - The King of Spices


Iranian Saffron – The King of Spices


Saffron is slowly becoming one of the most popular spices today. It is obtained from the flower of the famous saffron crocus plant. Even though many people believe that saffron originates from the Mediterranean area, the fact is that saffron was used for a longer period of time in Iran and Western Asia. This is the reason why so many people are looking exactly for Iranian saffron.

A brief history of Iranian Saffron

Iranian saffron, or Persian saffron as some people call it, was cultivated over three millennia ago. There are records of farmers that have cultivated and harvested this plant and its flowers all over modern Iran, but most of them were living in the famous Khorasan region in northwestern Iran. Back then, people used it for health treatments, beautification and for culinary purposes. Today, most people in Iran and around the globe use it to spice up different dishes although some of them are curious about the medicinal and cosmetic effects of this amazing spice.

What makes Iranian Saffron special?

Did you know that less than 10% of the world’s production of saffron takes place outside Iran? Iran exports more than 100 tons of Iranian saffron every year. (2) There is more than one good reason why Iranian saffron is so popular.

Besides the fact that Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world, the Iranian saffron is the highest quality saffron people can find on the market today. To start with, the so-called Persian saffron is obtained in a natural way. The process involved in the extraction of saffron from the plant is completely natural and safe.Iranian-saffron

On top of that, the plants are organic which means that they are not treated with harsh chemicals and other substances that can put the consumers’ health at risk.

The other thing that makes Iranian saffron special is its distinctive color. With a very rich red color, it is almost impossible to create fake Iranian saffron. This natural color comes as a result of the specific drying process used in Iran. The process of drying which was practiced for hundreds of years in this region has an effect on the aroma of the spice. For those who didn’t know – Iranian saffron has specific vanilla notes. When the saffron is of lower quality you can’t expect a noticeable aroma or flavor.

Due to the specific cultivation of the plant and the production of the spice, Iranian saffron can promise the greatest health benefits of all. When you consume Iranian saffron you can rest assured that the level of bioavailability is very high. In other words, the nutrients found in it can be used to the maximum. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that this special kind of saffron comes with all the nutrients and useful compounds you can expect from this spice.

We hope that this article will encourage you to try the world’s highest quality saffron – the Iranian saffron.