Zaran Saffron

Saffron is without a doubt one of the world’s most historically significant and desired substances. The importance that Saffron holds to Persian cuisine cannot be overstated. This unique spice has enjoyed a special place in Persian art, trade, and medicine, forging an inseparable bond to Persian culture. To truly understand saffron’s significance, one must have an understanding of its history and cultivation.

To begin with, saffron is quite ancient. Cave paintings have been found in ancient Persia and Greece dating back to as much as 50,000 years ago and have been found to be made with saffron based pigments. Saffron was cultivated, used as a dye and woven into expensive materials, before it was a staple of every Middle Easterns spice rack.

Saffron was ascribed numerous beneficial effects that ranged from medicinal to cosmetic; including a cure for melancholy, a perfume, and a powerful aphrodisiac. Even Alexander the Great was taken in by the spice; Alexander would bathe in warm saffron soaked waters as a method of healing his wounds after battles. The influence from Alexander’s armies brought saffron to Macedonia and Greece, and pretty soon saffron became a powerful trade tool and mark of luxury.

Zaran Saffron continues this legacy by reintroducing pure Persian Saffron and all its glory. A genuine product which refines your dishes and drinks.