Our Story

Zaran Saffron is owned by Mostafa Ouraie, a Chemical Engineer from the University of Texas, and his son, Sina Ouraie, a Business Manager and Broker. In late 2015, they made their first excursion to the Crocus Sativus fields in the Khorasan region in northeast Iran, and would return many times as they focused on research in order to make an informed and deliberate importing decision.  Mostafa and Sina met with selected farmers and producers of Saffron who met their high standards in offering premium Saffron with sustainable quality practices, and they are proud to say their partners live up to and exceed these standards.

An accomplished Chemical Engineer and entrepreneur, Mostafa Ouraie brings an exquisite form of leadership and vision to Zaran Saffron. He is passionate about authentic specialty food and the benefits of botanical herbs, and is fond of integrating Microbiology, Engineering, and Nutrition into his daily life and business to promote a healthy and scientific lifestyle.

Sina Ouraie, Mostafa’s younger counterpart, is a social media enthusiast who is passionate about multicultural cuisine. He enjoys keeping up with the trends of the day and handles Zaran Saffron’s organic marketing with an interactive touch. Like his father, he lives a healthy, active lifestyle and loves helping others do the same.

Our vision is to provide pure Persian Saffron, ingenious packaging, aesthetic appeal and consistently happy customers. Zaran Saffron is an ongoing adventure which brings us joy every step of the way, and we’re glad you’re able to join us.



 Zaran Saffron

Zaran Saffron was founded in 2016 in Oceanside, California. We are a father-son operated business whose philosophy is simple: to produce and present products that people who value quality can truly appreciate.  Our company’s goal is to identify and distribute the highest-grade saffron to individuals and suppliers around the world. 

Our saffron comes straight from the Khorasan region in North-eastern Iran where the elusive blend of soil, topography, and climate produces crocus fields unlike anywhere else. Our Saffron is red in color with a vivid Crimson stigma and a strong, fresh aroma.  Each pound requires around 225,000 delicate red strands to be handpicked from over 70,000 crocus sativa flowers. 

Due to its highly labor intensive harvesting methods, Saffron has been labeled as the most expensive and sought after spice in the world, commonly known as “red gold.”



We believe in providing our customers with the same attentiveness that our saffron tending partners provide to their crops. We are committed to not only providing the highest quality product, but the highest quality customer service as well.  If you have any issues, let us know and we will personally reach out to help you. We want to make sure you feel like part of the Zaran family and help you enjoy the benefits of our saffron as much as we do. 


Saffron is a high end spice that is making its way into modern dishes and drinks in high-end restaurants and households across the globe – you’re as likely to find it in a Michelin Star restaurant at the center of the city as you are to find it resting on the shelf in your own kitchen at home. We want our packaging to reflect the style of today’s world, whose beauty is found in its simplicity. That’s why we have given our packaging a modern and contemporary design which lets the spice’s elegance speak for itself.


In 2017, Rose Dose was introduced as an affiliation with Zaran Saffron to welcome a new line of tea and herb products. Rose Dose was established to provide consumers the experience of using dried roses such as in ancient times. Our roses are organically grown and maintained in Rose Valley, Bulgaria and packaged iSan Diego, California.

The main ingredient is rose, which means that all of our products have a light and sweet floral smell and taste that is sure to soothe the mind and uplift your mood. Other healthy rose benefits includes a natural aid in weightloss, relieves stress & depression, is anti-inflammatory, and is great for overall beauty remedies.