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Saffron, also known by its botanical term Crocus Sativus, is the most costly spice in the world. It takes between 70,000 to 250,000 saffron flowers to produce just a single pound of Saffron. Part of what makes this amazing spice so expensive is the fact that the process of harvesting it cant be automated. Saffron is delicate and tedious to harvest as each flower, which produces three small threads, has to handpicked individually. The good thing is that you only need to add a little bit of this costly spice to your food. Persian Saffron is known for its strength and potency, which requires very little to achieve a high aroma and color for your dish.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Persian saffron accounts for roughly 93% of all the Saffron in the world. Saffron cultivation thrives in this region because of the ideal climate, topography and soil. Some of the earliest signs of Saffron cultivation have been found in this area bordering Afghanistan, where it was once under the rule of the Persian Empire.

Aside from the ideal Persian climate, Saffron farmers in this region have also passed their knowledge from one generation to the next, producing some of the highest quality Saffron in the World.

How Long Has Saffron Been Used & What Is It Used For?

Saffron has been used for thousands of years. The earliest signs of Saffron cultivation were found more than 3,500 years ago. Cyrus the Great, the ruler and Monarch of Ancient Persia, is known to have added some saffron into his bath after battle. It was common belief that Saffron was a healing aid for battle wounds and scars.

In ancient Persia, Saffron was also used for dying fabric and cloth making. The unique and prominent gold color that saffron produces has been found in Ancient caves.

For centuries, saffron has been an integral ingredient in Persian and middle eastern cuisine. Authentic Persian food is known for its perfume like aroma and vibrant yellow dishes which saffron produces. Saffron is commonly found in rice dishes, chicken & fish dishes, potatoes, yogurt, cakes, and other pastries. Outside of Persia, the most common use for Saffron is found in Paella and Risotto, which are very common dishes in Spain.

Saffron has also been used for treating a variety of illnesses. It was traditionally used to treat stress, heartache, headaches, sexual dysfunction, depression and inflammation. Saffron has also been used to promote eye health. There have been claims that Saffron is also key for treating heart disease and cancer but further studies are currently being done to confirm this claim.

The Ideal Climate For Growing Persian Saffron

Persian saffron thrives in Mediterranean climate but it can grow in other climates. It yields more and better in areas that have the driest, hottest summers. The plant can also tolerate cold winters but the best climate is dry summers and wet springs. If you do not have these conditions, you can still plant your saffron successfully in late summer.


Best Quality Persian Saffron Online

If you want to buy Persian Saffron threads online, start by looking for the most reputable distributors. You can tell how reputable a distributor is by checking online reviews and talking with others who have experience buying Persian Saffron.

A reputable buyer will also provide you a copy of the most recent lab analysis upon request. This lab analysis will show you the quality of the Saffron. When shopping for Persian saffron, you want to review the levels of Crocin (color), Picocrocin (flavor), and Safranal (aroma). A standard lab analysis will provide you with all this information.

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